Tuesday, May 31, 2011

... I am enjoying the air conditioner!

As my hubbie puts it, I picked  a great time to 'retire'. It has been so hot the last couple of days here in Nashville, TN. Today it got up to around 95 degrees and yesterday was about as bad. Work was horrible with the heat but I only had to work 1.5 hours and I don't think I would of survived longer than that. It was great to get home and drink some non-alcoholic beer.

Yes NON Alcoholic! I was already a lightweight with alcohol before getting diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension. Now with the medications I take to control my PH, the alcohol affects me faster and harder. So I have found the non alcoholic beers which allows me to have beer without the side effects. And no side effects is GREAT!

Lately I have been spinning on my Sangria from AlohaBlu. Almost done on the singles and getting ready to ply. I will share pictures once I am done spinning the singles. I am spinning on my homemade spindles made of things from the craft store. Here is a picture of one of my spindles that I use.
I hope you are enjoying your hot weather, I know I am not, and have a great week!

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