Sunday, December 25, 2011

Wishing Everyone A Merry Christmas!!!

I hope all are having a great christmas break. I am loving mine since I get to knit, spin, open doggie's christmas presents, cook, bake, and shop. Not in that order though but that would be fun.
First off will be the exciting christmas presents for the doggies from Grandmaw and Grandpaw Goldbeck. Last weekend we came home from lunch with two big boxes sitting on the front porch and I was wondering what they were but I knew who they were for and from, since hubbie got a random call from his mom saying that she made a questionable purchase for the dogs, we have been wondering what it would be. So we got the packages inside and the excited dogs were waiting for me to open them and since I did not get special orders to not open them before christmas I tore the big boxes open. And to much of my (and doggie's) surprise, they were big fluffy, enormous dog beds. Now note the plural, we have two dogs and there are now two bean bag size dog beds in my living room. Gadget totally jumped in on these new fluffy things knowing that they are for him but Gizmo no so much. She was a little hesitant but since I plopped my but in them she automatically knew she wanted to claim it. Now fast forward to a week later, I think they think these new beds are not so good for them. I have recently denied access to the couch for doggies. They are not taking this without a fight or an occassional jump up to snuggle next to me. But once they get the point that they are not getting up they give up and enjoy the warmth and coziness of the bed that they disappear in like a doughnut. Here are some pics of the first encounters of the beds:

Here are some new pics with some sulking:

The baking is of Reese Peanut Butter Cookie tub from a friend's son's fundraiser for his school and they are delish! I ate 3 pretty much right out of the oven and then tempted the hubbie to each 4. YUM! I also look forward to cooking for Christmas dinner since we are doing Mexican Night with our friends. The Menu consists of Slow Cooker Carnitas with some mods, refried beans, the fixins for soft shell tacos, and build your own dessert with pound cake, ice cream and fruit. Cannot wait for dinner!

So the shopping was for the neice and nephew in Chicago that got an owl ornament and nightlight from the local garden center, for a friend's son who wanted a denim jacket (which hubbie thought was an 80's trend but I think this boy has an old soul so it works for him), random knick knacks from Williams-Sonoma (because you cannot go in there and not buy anything), and a trip to the LYS with my friend to see Glenna from Ewe and Company. I did good in not buying yarn but got an awesome mag from Interweave Press, Jane Austen Knits 2011. This special mag is great because it talks about what knitters think that Jane Austen would of knit for herself or others and shows the style of knitwear would of look like from her time period. I am still looking through the mag but all the patterns look great and I look forward to knitting up some from the mag.

Also Glenna from Ewe and Company was kind enough to take my handspun yarns that I have been doing and try to sell them at her shop. Although I love the process of spinning them, I just have too much yarn already that the added stash of handspun was overwhelming. So I made a decision to try to sell them but I did not want an etsy shop because of the fees and work to list them and I am not sure if they would sell anyway. So I gambled with bringing them to Glenna but she took them with open hands and such enthusiasm that I was so humbled and joyous that she would try to sell my mediocre handspun yarns. Now I do not know if they will sell at all but I hope it will be well received. Here are the new handspuns from the wheel:

Gale's Art Cherry Blossom is my first attempt to get a thicker gauge yarn and I think I was successful and it came out so pretty too. Sorry for the poor quality pic.

Chrysalis Fibers Sky and Earth (this is already gifted to a friend, who already benefits from my handspuns)

Just Finished is the Just Before Dawn from Highland Handmades, will get pictures up soon!

So the only part of knitting getting done, since I am still enamored by the wheel (who is not named yet), is the The Knit Girllls SAL/KAL Favorite Scarf Ever. It is knit from the Cloudlover fiber for the SAL which is turning out great with the pattern.

Well that was a long post and hope you enjoyed it. I loved writing it so I can get my thoughts out of my head. =0P Thanks to all for a great half year of reading my random thoughts and following my knitting endeavors. Have a safe and happy new year and look forward to what the Pulmonary Hypertension research brings for the coming years.

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