Sunday, July 9, 2017

Blogging may make a comeback

Could I make a comeback to blogging about my crazy life? I enjoyed getting my thoughts out onto somewhere and now enjoy looking back on what has happened through knitting, life, dogs, etc. So much has happened since my last post back in 2012 when I was doing this more often, Pulmonary Hypertension is still around with different medicine treatment, became a furry red panda, made tons of new friends through the furry fandom, cooking tons more recipes, enjoying the children at church through Sunday school and tons more. I may need to reflect on the last several years to catch you up but I guess I can try to recall the old road long forgotten. Facebook has taken over the blogging because it is easier to post a small event than write an essay. Follow me on there at or twitter @kaala_redpanda.
Here's to hoping I get back into blogging! Have a great week everyone!

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