Saturday, July 9, 2011

... I am still sexy!

You may be thinking, 'Yes Geal you are cute and have a lovely smile but ..... really?' Yes! I thought when I turned 31 that it would be down hill from there. But I have a loving and caring husband that I love to death and doggies that show all the love in the world to me when I get home so I am loved by all (yes getting big headed again). I know that I have lost a lot of weight from the PH diagnosis and think that I look the best after diagnosis but today was evidence that I still am SEXY and desirable!

The hubbie, myself and hubbie's friend (visiting from Chicago) went to Buffalo Billards at downtown Nashville and were playing pool. I played some games but got tired and wanted to knit some on my Oaklet Shawl and get it off my needles soon. So I was letting the boys play some games and enjoy time together and I sat in a big comfy chair to the side and was knitting in an area by myself but I can see the boys. Well towards the end there is this guy that sets up for a game next to the boys' table and asked a question to the hubbie that I did not catch what this random guy asked. Well the guy came over to me and introduced himself to me (remember I am over to the side knitting) and asked me if I wanted to play a game with him and I was like sure (I would not turn down a game of pool with anyone- back to college years of too much pool playing over classes). So I packed away my knitting and started this game with Random Guy.

What was awesome in the beginning is that the guy boasted a bit about being good and then when I got my first turn after the break I sank 4 balls (now he is thinking about me being a pool shark and probably regrets asking me to play). How awesome it would of been to sink all the balls in my first turn? No luck so we went on with the game and all the while I am watching the game that the hubbie and friend are playing, kinda hoping that the guy finally gets that I am with them. So a couple of plays later he comments to hubbie that I am really good and wondered with I was with them (so he had no clue) and hubbie commented  back that I played alot of pool in college. That threw random guy off and he asked hubbie that I was with them??? And hubbie is like yes she is with us and the guy clarified that when he asked hubbie that question earlier that he asked if I was with them and hubbie evidently did not hear the question clearly and thought he asked 'is that your cue?' and most likely we think (afterwards) he asked 'is that your cutie?'. So there was that akward moment that the guy realized I was with the two boys and he did not flirt with me anymore. The highlight to that is that I did kick his butt and won the game by 3 balls.

I guess the hubbie has to keep me on a short leash now since I am still hot and sexy to get hit on by random guys =0) Now the hubbie is thinking and knows that he got a hottie as a wifey!! Is my head getting too big now??? I do not think so... okay maybe but a girl can enjoy being hit on. =0)

All I can think of afterwards when we were driving home is that I was knitting before he came over and what girl goes to a bar by herself and knits? I would be with someone who is playing pool or if I am by myself I would be at the bar drinking, not knitting. Oh well he made our day and he also made me feel sexy again!

Sorry for the long story but I had to get it out there since that was my highlight that made me feel great about myself since the last two years have been so stressful with the PH. It was nice to think about myself in a great positive way and kinda strut my 'stuff' again. I did not think about my medicine, health, or the future for atleast 10 minutes while I focused on beating this guy at a game of pool. I realized I get really competive when someone challenges me to a game of pool and I do not mess around and that took my mind off myself which I loved!

Enough about me and I hope you are having a great weekend and remember to vote on which fiber I should spin next from my previous post.


  1. Even though we're happily married, it's nice when somebody else hits on you... And you my friend still got it! Sexy knitter you!