Saturday, July 2, 2011

... I love getting packages in the mail!

Lately the packages are not yarn, which is what the hubby loves. But they are from my wonderful Mother-In-Law, Mom G. For weeks now she has been sending me little packages that bring a smile and perk me up for the day or week. I uttermost favorite is Woolbur by Leslie Helakoski. I have been wanting this book since I watched a review from Heather of The Fiberista Files Videocast and Highland Handmades etsy shop back in Episode 66 around the 20:32 mark. Mom G sent it to me for my birthday and it made my day and I cannot wait to read it to someone's child.  I love it because it shows things about the fiber world that most people do not know, how yarn comes from the sheep. And it is about a free spirited little lamb that loves to run with the dogs. Check it out and enjoy!

Another package was some articles is some magazines that she thought I would get a hoot out of and I did. The first is some knitting patterns from a magazine that had other garments but the ones that cracked us up with the ties. Should I make one for the hubby? I think he would wear the big fat orange one right? Maybe for the craft auction at church?? We will see =0P

Then next is the half sheared sheep that I thought was great to see visually what they look like before and after shearing. I wish I could of gotten a copy of the article to see what they talk about in this article, I will ask Mom G to send me a scan if possible. Poor Sheep. 

 The last one I just got from the Mom G Library on Dyeing. Now is she trying to tell me something??? I swore to myself not to get into yarn dyeing at any point in my life since it takes alot of time and work to do it. I have thought about it but there is too much invested and I would not know if it would be hazardous to my health. But it is a colorful and informative book and will be a great collection to my crafty library.

Textile Dyeing by Kate Broughton

So onto the knitting, not much worked on the many projects on the needles other than the Summer Shawl KAL in Schaefer Yarn Company - Anne in a blue green colorway.

I have also finished some sewn bags this week for a friend and will post pictures once I get them to her.

Thanks to all for the birthday wishes! It was a great and busy birthday week. I think I wore myself out with two days straight of spending time with great people then sitting at the car shop for +4 hours on Friday. I am resting up this weekend and meeting a PH friend and her husband from Arkansas for dinner on Monday. That should be fun and I love meeting new PHriends that see the same doctor as myself.

Well that is it for now and I hope all have a great and safe Independence Day!

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