Saturday, August 20, 2011

... I am lazy with Lazy Doggies

When you wake up to a view like this...
I think you know it is going to be a lazy day for everyone!

We all did get out of bed eventually but it was hard. We (doggies and myself) had a  long week visit from my sister. The doggies throughly enjoyed having Auntie down and slept with her for two nights straight. Imagine a twin size bed with a 20 year old college student and two 15 lbs doggies. I think it was cramped but somehow she managed and so did the doggies.

It was a great mini vaca for the sister before school starting and her getting so busy with studying that I hardly get time to talk to her. Plus there is football season coming up that will take most of her weekends in the fall.  Geaux TIGERS!!!

But this week for me was time for me to relax and gain my energy back from doing Dance Central too much. And then I realized yesterday that the doggies were recuperating also. Here are some very dramatic pictures of the two on the couch while I was watching TV and knitting.

They were on either side!!! Gizmo looked more ridiculous before this picture because she had her head stuck in the crack of the arm rest.

We are now rested and ready to take on this busy weekend. I have a PH Support Group meeting today and tomorrow we have a fun party to go to in the evening.

Hope all are doing well and have a great weekend!!!!

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