Saturday, September 3, 2011

... I am watching the LSU Tigers WIN!!!

I am so glad that college football season is here! It has been so long since the fun times of hanging out with friends and cheering on our favorite football team, the LSU Fighting Tigers!

A great win tonight from the Tigers, they scared me at first but the second half was awesome!

The hubby and myself and Gizmo went to a friends house to watch the game and have great food. So much fun to see friends from the old job and catch on what they are all doing. I did get some great grilled corn, roasted mushrooms, and buffalo chicken dip. Gizmo begged as did our friends dog Stewie.

I did get some crocheting done while there and I will soon get pictures on my current projects up soon, ! Promise!!! I need to get back into blogging mood!

Hope everyone has a great weekend, mine is awesome with the awesome WIN!

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