Wednesday, September 7, 2011

... I am enjoying this cooler weather!

The last several days the TN weater has been rainy but the cold front that came from the northwest brought much wanted cooler temperatures. Monday was a great 69 degrees and Tuesday was even cooler at mid-60s. I thought we jumped from summer to winter but the temps will be going back up to high 80s by the end of the week. Gizmo did not like the cooler temps since she was shivering in the house and so I put on her little jacket that we got from friends at church. She was showing it off all day and hubby thought she was adorable with it on.

This temperature drop got me back in my knitting mojo and I have been loving it. Also the football season has got be back into knitting because I have atleast 4 hours to sit about and watch the TV and cheer.  So on with the knitting:

Finally finished my first stripey socks from Fibernymph Dye Works in the Marmaris colorway. I cannot wait to get more yarn from her when I can catch an update. I love the colors and how they striped. And they fit like a sock should, I have small feet and regular socks are too big at the foot and the heel hangs over. But these are custom made for me by me and I love them soooo much. The fabric is fabulous and soft that feels great on my feet.

The next one is for a baby shower this weekend and I just finished it last night. I will post pictures up soon so not to spoil the mom to be on what she will be getting for her baby.

Finally are all my WIPs or Works in Progress projects that I think I have too many of. But like I said before the weather helped out this week on getting me in the mood. =0P

First up is the Rose Lace Stole that I am naming Oofsie's Rose since it is for hubby's grandmother. I have modified it to be more of a scarf so it will not be as deep as the stole pattern. I am loving the pattern and the yarn I am knitting with Maggi Knits Linen.

Second is the Live Oak Shawlette for my MIL out of Cascade Ultra Pima in the Ice colorway which I am renaming as Frosty Live Oak. I never thought cotton yarn would be great to work with but I am liking this yarn so far. And I better since I want to knit a cardigan out of it for myself.

Lastly is my spinning. I have also gotten into the groove of spinning. Below is the homemade spindles with my current fiber that I have been spinning. The two gray fibers are of the sheep fleece that I got from Mom G and I have tons left to spin but I am almost ready to ply these two singles up soon. I cannot wait since I want to see what type of yarn I get from the fleece.
The green is from Highland Handmades, the White Spruce Top in Loki's Whim colorway. The fiber is 50% Superwash Merino and 50% Tencel. This is my first time spinning this combo and I am loving the luster of the tencel and the great softness of the fiber.
The pink is from Corgi Hill Farm in the Dahlia colorway that is BFL fiber. The next picture is of my first skein of this fiber which I got 238 yards of a fingering weight and still have a lot left to spin since I bought 12 ounces of the fiber.

Hope you enjoyed my update of what I am knitting and spinning away on. I hope to get back into the swing of blogging as did my knitting.
I hope you are having a great week and see you soon!

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  1. I just love it when the weather gets cooler and I can get back to the afghans that I love to make. The dog sweater (and the dog) look pretty dang adorable. I really like the socks and the shawls that you have going. I learned to spin on a spindle a little over a year ago and it is so much fun!