Thursday, September 22, 2011

... I am exercising, finally!

The cooler weather in TN has brought on a bug to exercise. But the funny thing is that I am inside on the treadmill. I should be doing it outside with the doggies but I don't want to deal with them is the excuse. I am exercising is the important part. I noticed that I HAVE to do the 30 minute walk first thing in the morning or I procrastinate about it later in the day because I am watching TV and Knitting (very important, more than the exercise). I now set up my laptop to the TV upstairs to watch one of my knitting videocasts while I walk. It is nice to watch something while walking.
Though I do not want to walk with the doggies on leashes I do LOVE to take them to the doggie park nearby. It allows them to roam around without leashes and socializes them with other dogs. Plus a bonus is that I knit some more while enjoying some fresh TN air.
The same knitting is going on from last time with the addition of a football baby hat for a friend of a friend's child. I have it done but pictures need to be taken. I started and finished it within 3 hours or so (half a day on and off) and it is adorable. I might make one for my lil sis.
I promised a picture of the baby shower gifts and here they are.

Blankie and Monster for Baby Strohl

Also lots of spinning is going on also if not knitting for Mom G and Grandma. I loved spinning the Highland Handmades Merino/Tencel fiber in the Loki's Whim colorway. I have finished 2 of the 4 ounces and got about 205 yards.  The tencel adds a bit of sheen and helps the merino slide to allow the fiber to spin up beautifully!

The other fiber I spun up and finished a small portion of is the fleece from Mom G. I plied almost 2 ounces and got about 109 yards so I have tons more to go!!! But it came out beautiful and I can't wait to knit up something from it.

Well that is all for now and I hope all is doing well and having a good week. See you next time.


  1. Keep an eye on the Merino/Tencel if I come visit--it may have to leave with me.

  2. That Merino/Tencel that you spun is beautiful! Congrats on the exercising, I sooooo need to do more of that and it is much easier to do during the cooler weather.