Monday, October 31, 2011

... I love to go to Fiber Festivals!

If there is one thing I would love to do with all the money in the world is to attend Fiber and Yarn Festivals everywhere. I loved going to the Fiber in the Boro with my friend Kim. We had so much fun touching and oohhing and aahhing at all the fibery goodness there. Though I have to admit that I was a bit overwhelmed by all the goodies since this was my first fiber festival. But still fun! Here are some of the many booths at the festival:

First in the door your see beautiful fiber in many colors and blends at Blue Goose Glen. I kept on going back to them through out the time we were then and finally bought a Merino Tussah silk blend in the Red Colorway with streaks of red, blue and white silk. I think it will spin up beautifully.

Next was the booth I really wanted to get goodies from is Unwind Yarn Company. She had amazing color and I wanted it all but I only came away with three (with alot of self restrain). I have oogled over her stuff on Etsy for a while and I wanted certain colorways and went straight for them once I shimmied my way into her booth. I got the Sugared Violets fiber in Merino/ Tussah blend which she mentioned is a new fiber for her to dye so I am excited to try it out, plus the color is all about me with the shades of purple.
The other fiber I got from her is the Abalone colorway in 100% Superwash Merino and I love the blend of colors and it looks like the inside of an abalone shell to me.
And the last goodness I got was Superwash Merino Sock yarn in the Cerulean colorway and it is the perfect shade of blue that I cannot wait to make a shawl out of. Maybe socks but we will see.
Those three items from Unwind was my biggest purchase of the day and I am happy with all my lovelies.

But next to Unwind's booth was Stoney Ridge Alpacas. My friend loved the colors and feel of their Alpaca yarn and throughout the festival we touched other alpaca yarns but none were as soft as Stoney Ridge. Kay Kemp, the lady manning the booth, knew which alpaca each yarn came from and that was interesting to hear and great to know that she is a local farm to TN.

I think sometimes that I would love to buy local more often  and I try to do that by getting yarn from my LYS (Local Yarn Shop) but it is hard to find fiber locally without going back to the convience of Etsy. I notice on most of these farm's website that the site is just a site to get information and see pictures of the animals and other things but you cannot order online or if you do the tax and shipping adds $10. Well I guess I just need to take several weekends to travel out to these various farms. That will hopefully be our 'staycation' since the hubby does not want to travel much these days because of work. (That gets into another post)

Then the next booth that caught our eyes was the Creek View Crafts. Sue had great fiber blends for a reasonable price and a wheel she was spinning on. The wheel was a great price and looked great (not cheap looking). The Ashford Traveller is what she had in her booth and she loves it because it folds up and travels well. Since it was unfinished the price was lower than other wheels that are finished.
Then she mentioned the smaller and beginner wheel that is lower in price and that was the Ashford Kiwi that I thought was also great looking and would be a great first wheel for myself.
The only thing I regret not doing at the festival was trying out the various wheels that were sitting there waiting to be used. It was great to see people sitting around spinning on their wheels in the middle of the barn and others showing newbies how to use the wheel or spindles.

The last bit of fiber I got was from Mulberry Fibers in the Sunrise colorway in a Merino Tussah blend. She also had great colorways and I have stalked her on Etsy too. I did get a fiber from her several weeks ago in the Lavender Fields colorway which is a surprising shades of purple.

Even though I got great fibers from the festival the best was the door prize I won fromThree Creeks Farm. The book that was donated by Beth is Fiber Gatherings. It is a book about festivals that the author traveled around to see and this makes me want to take many road trips next year to see several of these Fiber Gatherings. I was so happy to win this since this festival was my first but for sure not my last.

But the best sighting I had of the day was to see Laura and Leslie of The Knit Girllls. This is a video cast that I watch weekly and I love their personality and the goodies they show us each week and to get to meet them in person was so much fun. I got to talk to them briefly but it was AWESOME-sauce! And the knitwear that both girls had on was amazing (Leslie's sweater was better in person) and you can see them on the latest video on their website. Thanks Girls for saying hi and chatting for a bit.

Well finally that is all my fun at Fiber in the Boro and I hope all have a great week.

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