Thursday, October 6, 2011

... I am looking for Fiber Festivals!

I have been knitting alot the last few weeks to finish up a couple of gifts for my MIL and hubby's grandmother. I hope to get those out to them next week since I just finished the second gift. Also I finished up a gift for the sister so she will get that soon too for her birthday. YAY! But now that I think of it, I don't want her to have THIS birthday since she will be turning legal drinking age. UGH! I feel so old now and terrified, she better behave this football season =0)

So since I have been knitting constantly to meet deadlines I have been looking at festivals around Nashville. The first one that I came across through the latest videocast episode 79 on The Knit Girllls is the Fiber in the Boro that is about an hour from where I live and I think this would be great fun for me and my friend to explore. Also I am looking forward to Pumpkin Fest in Franklin, TN but that is on the same day as the Fiber in the Boro. Ugh, oh well the doggies will be glad that I will not go to Pumpkin Fest since they don't have to dress up for Halloween.

I hope all are having a good week. Sorry that this is a short post but my brain is mush and I need something to wake me up. Have a good one!!!

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