Monday, October 17, 2011

... other things are going on in life.

There has been tons of knitting going on but on the weekends it has been lacking. We have been so busy hanging out with friends and getting ready for the winter that the weekends just fly by. One weekend we went on the river with some friends for about 4 hours just cruising on their boat. Here is a picture of the "Captain"

It was fun to be on the water, too bad we did not fish. But if we do this again with our friends, I will try to catch some trophy fish =0)

Then this past weekend was such beautiful weather that we could not stay inside all day. So Chris helped the neighbors out with chopping some wood to get ready for winter. Especially since I love a nice fire during the day at home when it starts to get cooler. The contraption to chop the wood is quite scary but hubby jumped right on in to get it to right size.

I am so proud of him being so brave! Eventually our neighbor will make a country boy out of him, no more Chicago blood soon.

So to the many knits I have done. Or atleast to me it is lots. Four garments are done and sent our to their recipients. Two are for hubby's family and they came out beautiful. The Live Oak Shawlette came out so nice and the color and drape of the cotton was amazing. I adored the construction of this shawl since it did not have a main spine down the middle but two spokes, I think that will help it sit better on the shoulders.

The Second knit is the Rose Lace Stole in a beautiful red linen yarn. It is so lightweight and long that I think it will not be to heavy for delicate shoulders. The construction was interesting in this one also because you started knitting from the middle out then came back to the middle and knitted the second half.

Third knit is my sis that is not so little anymore. She turns 21 this month!! UGH!!! So I had to make her a beanie in LSU colors and it turned out great and perfect size.

The Fourth knit is the Semi-Precious Shawl for a PH fundraiser called Zumbathon for PH. The shawl will be in a silent auction and I hope it sells well. It was a quick knit that I finished in a week and half. The yarn is made from 100% corn and knitted up nicely.

Well that is all I have for this post and hope you enjoyed seeing all that I do during the week and weekends. Have a great week and see you next time.

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