Saturday, June 4, 2011

... I am enjoying my reblooming Orchid

I do not know how I did it but I got my orchid to rebloom. My Lovely, Generous, and Awesome Mother In Law gave me this orchid last summer/ fall and it has been sitting near the fireplace all fall and winter. Then it decided to re-bloom for me this spring. I am so excited because I have heard that getting orchids to rebloom is hard or even impossible. Don't ask for my secrets because I do not know what they are other than forgetting about the plant and maybe watering it twice a month. No special treatment or feedings just a couple of ice cubes when I remember. The pictures below are before the second bloom opened and I noticed I might have 2 or 3 more blooms coming out in the future.

The doggies have been loving the front yard since they get to play ball more and guard the house of passer-byers.

Who's Here???

The hot weather is tiring them out quicker. Although Gizmo cannot resist the ball chasing for long and when her body has had enough this is what she looks like. Plopped down and exhausted.

Look at that tongue sticking out
I finally finished my AlohaBlu fiber in the Sangria Colorway. Total yardage is about 400 and maybe fingering weight (not sure since I do not have a WPI tool). I LOVE how it turned out and look forward to getting more fiber from her soon.

Hope Everyone has a great weekend!!! Stay Cool!

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