Sunday, June 26, 2011

... I am pondering on what to do for my birthday week.

Yes this year I am celebrating my birthday week. The hubbie does not need to know! So what do I do? Well first off I know on Thursday there is 'some' yarn shopping at my LYS (Local Yarn Shop) Haus of Yarn for their Grand Re-opening Sale. I am so looking forward to shopping with my friend and her son to look for some discounted and fun, colorful yarnie goodness. Then secondly I am thinking of what to do for the actual day? Dinner out with the hubbie or cook something at home and have a quiet night at home with some knitting? Maybe we should go out tonight (Sunday) and make something special tomorrow. We will see... Lastly I might have lunch plans for Wednesday with another friend and her two daughters. That would be fun to see all of them this week. Nothing else as of right now for the week but I would love to do more if my body  is up for it.

Knitting is going well when I can get to it and work on the many projects I have on the needles. The yellow cabled mitts are finally done.

Only took me 'forever' to finish the second one. I am a knitter that cannot finish a pair of anything one at a time so I will try two at a time whatevers from now on. So that is one of many off the needles
The other 3 are still going but I added one on Friday to the list. (I got one off so I needed to add another) This is another Summer Shawl KAL by Anne Kuo Lukito and this should come out beautiful with the leaf pattern and the blue/ green yarn I am using.
Well hope all have a great week ahead and I hope the doggies don't leave me any birthday 'surprises' in the house. Much Love!

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