Wednesday, June 8, 2011

... I love to watch the hubbie do yard work.

I love it when the hubbie likes to work on the house and yard because whatever he comes up with in his cleaver mind is great looking. Last year we had to tear down the back patio of our rental house and the hubbie did not want to toss the wood in the dumpster so he stock piled it at our new house. Well he finally put some use to the old railings with a new 'fence'. I love the look of it with our Georgian style house and the newly planted wildflowers that are blooming.
New Fence

The Homestead

The only thing that bothers me from enjoying my flowers and surrounding is those darn 'no see ums' bugs. They are like little gnats that you can't see but you can for sure feel them biting you. They are totally annoying and they attacked the hubbie today while he was mowing the yard. He came in to take a shower and his legs were covered in red dots where these bugs attacked him. Not cool!

I guess that could be another deterent to going outside in the heat! Well enjoy your Wednesday and see you next time. Take Care!

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