Monday, June 6, 2011

... I am watering the flowers and herbs.

It has been so hot lately here in TN that the lawn and flowers need to be watered everyday. We have some wildflowers along our drive that we planted by seed this spring that they are looking great. Can't wait for the subflowers to bloom!!! These flowers will provide seeds for the birdies in the future and we shall enjoy the company of many songbirds.

I have finished the Summer Mystery Shawlette by WendyKnits (Wendy Johnson) yesterday and just finished blocking and drying today.

I also had a busy morning of sewing more bags since I have gotten requests from friends when I showed them off at the church picnic on Saturday afternoon. Here are some pictures of those too...

It is amazing how much time it takes to make these but I love them and I hope you do too. The square pattern bag is for a friend but the other two are looking for homes.

Spinning is going on again with Gale's Art Black Blueface in Gumball colorway. It is 4 oz of fun and cannot wait to get this done and plied to see what I come out with. Wish me luck!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!!

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